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We’re excited for you to take part in our #30dayrewild challenge.

We’ve called this a challenge because, like all worthwhile challenges, it’ll require full commitment – rewilding is a lifestyle choice. That said, commitment deserves reward. We believe that you’ll reap the benefits of taking on the challenge, while shifting your understanding of what is good for you.

We’re asking you to go all in… this means eliminating use of other skincare products* and using our complete offering as directed on the challenge pack. We’ve made it as easy as possible to rewild your skin – all the essentials are in the Esse #30dayrewild Pack, which is available for only HKD780 (a 50% saving compared to purchasing this ml for ml) from your nearest Esse Stockist or relevant online stores. Rewilding is also about lifestyle changes that cost very little, and incorporating these with your new skincare routine will help the results shine through.

The products in in the pack are, of course, considerate of even the most sensitive skin types. However, because a change in skincare routine can result in a detox, your skin might not seem too happy at first. This is completely normal and for the most part, a serious withdrawal is unlikely if you take it slow. To get started, use only the cleanser, toner, and moisturiser for the first 5 days. If your skin is happy, introduce the Protect Oil and, after a week, treat your skin to a boost of actives with the Resurrect Serum. From here you can continue with the full routine.

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*This includes forgoing make-up, if at all possible. If you can’t, we suggest investing in a probiotic foundation from Esse to avoid compromising your transition. Other make-up elements should be kept to a minimum. Esse also offers a sunscreen that will support the re-wilding process, but our foundations provide an adequate SPF for your average daily sun exposure.