Winner Biome Mist

We are delighted to announce that Esse’s Biome Mist has been awarded ‘Best Organic/Natural Facial Mist’ in the Reader’s Choice sub-category in the Beauty Insider Singapore Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023.

Feedback from 3 of the main judging communities:

“The mist is incredibly refreshing and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and hydrated throughout the day.”

“I have sensitive skin and have been using the same product and brand for the past 1 year as it is not easy to find one that suits my skin. The mist did not create any side effects but in fact it makes my skin feel incredibly soothing and calming. In fact I’ve experienced a significant reduction in redness and irritation, and my complexion feels balanced and refreshed just 1 month if using it”

“The mist is incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. In fact I used it as a perfect prepping step before applying makeup and it also works wonderfully as a mid-day pick-me-up to refresh my skin.”

Winner Biome Mist

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